The units are very clean and the security system makes me feel at ease that my items are safe. The management is very friendly and easy to work with.


I have been more than satisfied in the way you and your company help and provide a wonderful climate controlled storage area. You go all out to help the tenants be satisfied with their choice.

I was unsure of the size I needed, changed my mind a couple of times. I was never rushed or had eyes rolled at me. The patience and knowledgeable attitude was a real plus. Julie was very professional, and great to work with. Look forward working with her as I have two storage areas. I will highly recommend your Storage area to others.


I think that your customer service is outstanding. I like that you feel that your things are safe & secured.


I have had a great experience with using Airport View Self Storage. The staff is very friendly and accommodating. I feel safe being in the building...automatic lights and surveillance cameras. The whole place is so clean, and I am comfortable with my belongings being kept there. I highly recommend it, if you're in need of extra storage space!


When I stopped by to check out the Airport View Self Storage after we invited my Mother to come to live with us, I had no idea that I would be renting three units at a state-of-the-art secure facility, having the pleasure to work with Julie and her team who make the rental process so quick and easy, and finding out that I actually enjoyed the tension-free process of having two large moving trucks deliver, three moving teams assist, and the occasional visit to find that one item we just can't live without!  Thanks Airport View Storage!!

- Anonymous